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Could you guys help me solve these questions ?

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Could you guys help me solve these questions ?

por universecloud » Dom Ene 07, 2018 1:21 am

The title says it all, if anyone is willing to help, i'll be grateful!

1. Write a nav tag that has a heading tag nested inside. Add a style to the heading tag to make it so that it does not show.

2. Why would we use a heading tag in question 1 if we do not show the tag?

3. List 5 more HTML 5 "Semantic" tags

4. What is the name for the specific type of application we use to upload and download files to and from the server? For instance, Filezilla is this type of application (not a Web Editor):

5. Write the THREE types of permissions for a Web page or folder and the THREE target user types that complete the permissions chart:

6. Write a starting form tag that will submit to http://test.html via post

7. Write an example of CGI format that shows up in the Browser location bar when using GET

8. Name FOUR old types of input tags that were around before HTML 5

9. Name FOUR new types of input tags that were added in HTML 5

10. Name THREE new input parameter values that were added in HTML 5

11. List the first names of FOUR people in your class.

\ escapes. . a single character. * zero or more. + one or more. ? zero or one. () group. | or.
{n} n times. {n,} n or more times. {n-m} n to m times.
[list] any in list. [^list] not any in list. - range of any.
\d decimal. \D not decimal. \n new line. \s space. \S not space.
\w word character (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _). \W not word character

A) Write the regular expression to match two letter initials, both uppercase A to Z with periods for example D.H. but any letters.

B) Write the regular expression to match a time notation of 1:00 where the first number can have one or two numbers and the second must have two numbers.
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